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This is not your average educational environment where a child is pushed through a system focused on WHAT they need to learn. At Compass Point Montessori, we use the natural wonder and curiosity of children to teach them HOW to learn.

Most of us are products of the public school system. You remember…learning our sounds and letters in Kindergarten, sitting in desks while the teacher lectured at us, memorizing equations without really understanding the meaning. Many children can thrive in that environment, but just as many struggle for understanding that isn’t taught because it isn’t part of the curriculum. That system doesn’t allow for much flexibility and those that can’t adapt continue to struggle long after school ends.

Now imagine if you had a little freedom to focus on the subject that interested you at that moment, if only for a day or two. What if you had a realistic model of the animal that started with the letter sound you were learning instead of a picture on a wall? What if you could see, touch, and feel the numbers ten, one hundred, or one thousand? Do you think learning would have been more fun and interesting?

That is exactly what Compass Point Montessori offers your child…an environment that embraces inquisitiveness, diversity in interests, and a strong foundation of HOW to learn in any environment.

What is Montessori?

Compass Point Montessori follows the discoveries and teachings of Maria Montessori to establish the appropriate learning environment.

Maria Montessori was a doctor, scientist, and educator who developed her philosophy of education
after purposeful observation of children. She discovered that children are inquisitive learners engaging with
all their senses to learn about the world. Her method follows the child by first understanding where children
are developmentally, as well as where their interests lie. A child is allowed to move at their own pace of
learning allowing time for exploration, concentration, and curiosity. Montessori also learned that
children have an innate desire to be independent. They want to be able to do things for themselves and her philosophy encourages children to learn on their own, making discoveries in an environment filled with hands-on learning opportunities.*

Compass Point Montessori provides the bedrock for your child’s future:
> Hands-on Learning
> Responsibility and Independence
> Adaptive Teaching
> Freedom to Learn
> Encourages Self-Motivation
> Mixed-Age Classroom
> Uninterrupted Work Periods
> Holistic Education

* For a more in-depth understanding of Maria Montessori and her philosophy, we developed a series of short videos. Take a look HERE!

School Day Hours

Half Day Preschool Program: M-F, 8:30am – 12:00pm
Full-Day Preschool/Kindergarten Program: M-F, 8:30am – 3:00pm

Drop off: 8:15-8:30am

Pickup: 12:00-12:15pm (Half-Day) or 3:00-3:15pm (Full-Day)


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